‘So you also make sure that I don't have any hassle with sick leave? Flex!

Staff wanted?

You are busy every day and sometimes you are short of manpower. You could use some extra staff, without it costing you too much time and energy. Moreover, you find it important that everything is well arranged for your future employees - also for those extra hands. Whether it's for the short or the long term, and whether it concerns 10 or 500 employees: you want to be relieved of the burden. No worries. We will always come up with a customised solution that fits in with your budget. Flex, right?

What can we do for your business?

Please contact us. Together we will find the best solution for more additional staff.

In what areas do you want to be supported?

  • Motivated, fit employees
  • Customised proposal, suitable for your company in your sector
  • Extra manpower throughout the Netherlands
  • Full service in terms of sick leave, contract and legislation