About us

At Feel Flex, we believe in "Work & MORE". We go above and beyond to help you, providing that extra bit of personal attention and care that sets us apart. We're all about humanity, making sure you can work and live with ease. With our extensive network of employers and job opportunities, we're committed to finding the perfect fit for you. Trust us to help you grow and succeed, because at Feel Flex, it's all about "Work & MORE".

About us

A close-knit community

At Feel Flex, we are a close-knit community of clients, flexible workers, and colleagues who all share one thing in common: our passion for "Work & MORE". Our dedication to "Work & MORE" goes beyond just job vacancies. We're here to help you grow, learn, and thrive, whether you're an employer, a flexible worker, or a colleague.

For our clients

For our clients, we are a reliable partner, ensuring that their business continues to run with the right people in the right positions. With our extensive network of qualified candidates across different sectors, we can respond quickly and effectively to changing needs.

For our flexible workers

For our flexible workers, we're a reliable source of work and support. We don't just offer job vacancies but also personal guidance, training, and development to help you succeed in your job and career.

For our colleagues

And for our colleagues, we're more than just an employer. We're a family. We're here to support you and help you grow, both professionally and personally. We believe in open communication, respect, and collaboration because we know that together we are stronger.

In short, at Feel Flex, it's about more than just work. It's about "Work & MORE". We're here to help you succeed in everything you do, whether you're a client, a flexible worker, or a colleague.


Gerard de Kock, Managing Director:
“The human touch is of paramount importance to me, and therefore to Feel Flex. That is why we always welcome new colleagues. Being happy in your work environment, having fun and knowing you are supported! Feel Flex, Work and More!”
Edwin Haringa, Technical Consultant (Zaandam):
“I am always there for our temporary workers. I think that is the strength of temporary employment at Feelflex. At Feelflex the creed is 'work and more'. We all make this happen every day.”
Alexander Mols, Financial Administration:
In my job, I keep control of the finances within Feel Flex. I enjoy going to work every day. Due to the variation in my job and my great colleagues, every day flies by. Besides work, it's also about fun.
Nikki Kappen, Production/Regular Employment Consultant (Veghel):
Working at Feel Flex gives me a great deal of pleasure and a fantastic, close-knit team. I get to do challenging work every day with plenty of room and freedom for personal input. Every day I'm busy finding suitable work and offering guidance that goes beyond just the work area. For me, that is 'work & more'.

Feel Flex

Feel Flex is the temporary employment agency when it comes to worry-free flexible working. We have the right job for everyone. In transport, logistics, technology, agriculture or production. We arrange your new job and everything around it. Work & More is what Feel Flex is all about! So you can focus on what really matters: pleasant work, where everything is well organized.

Temporary employment agency Feel Flex is affiliated with the NBBU and NEN 4400-1, WKA, VCU and SNA certified. This means that we adhere to rules of conduct that guarantee the integrity of the employment industry. So you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reliable agency.